What is modxguru?

modxguru is the website of freelance MODx developer and enthusiast Shane Sponagle. I am dedicated to providing professional development and consulting services based on the MODx Content Management Framework.

Experience, Skills and Services

I was introduced to MODx in 2007 after following a link in a blog comment. At first I turned to MODx as simply a platform to manage a website's content. The xHTML/CSS coder in me was loving the tag based markup side of MODx. Over time it became evident that MODx was about so much more than managing content, thus the framework side of MODx appealed to the MySQL/PHP developer in me.

I am available to work on projects including (but not limited to): upgrading MODx, add-on setup and configuration, template coding, as well as custom add-on (snippet, plug-in and module) development. Contact me for more information on MODx development and consulting.

Get the most SEO from MODx

Recently there has been a lot of interest in MODx as a SEO tool and in migrating existing sites to MODx in order to take advantage of the SEO features.

Some Common Questions

Do you work with any other CMS?
No. I currently work exclusively with MODx.
Do you accept Paypal?
Yes. However, you do not need a Paypal account to make payments.

Contact Me

Contact me for an estimate or to discuss your next MODx project.

My MODx Resources

Working With a Content Management Framework: MODx
Introduction to MODx posted on Nettuts.

MODx Developer Blog
This is my blog with MODx tips and tricks as well as some other stuff.

Snippet call anatomy
Detailed look at the structure of a snippet call (MODx Wiki).

What is MODx?

MODx is an extremely powerful and amazingly flexible open source Content Management Framework (CMF). Visit the MODx website and download the latest release.

MODx Content Management Framework